25 Thousand Neurons In The Fruit Fly, 20 Million Are Linked To Maps Of The Brain


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Undoubtedly the most complex organ-the brain of organisms on Earth. Undoubtedly, due to the complexity of the studies on this organ, are quite difficult and costly. However, some scientists overcoming the difficulty of all kinds, and lighting the fuse that will work for many years. Vinegar flies Jerry Rubin one of the scientists who works on this.
Drosophila melanogaster or more) What do we know about the vinegar fly? Jerry Rubin, one of the names working on flies for years, and has led in the arrangement of the genome. Rubin, the properties of vinegar flies are listed as follows: a great navigator; they can move without hitting the walls, memories are quite strong; and there is deprived of sense, in a way that can find ways.
“Vinegar flies is quite capable of,” said Rubin, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Campus Jamelia physical connections in the brains of flies with the team at 12 years, most recently to map the neurons until spent.
25 thousand neurons, 20 million link
the fruit fly Drosophila herobrayn
On the day of Wednesday the team made a very important announcement. Between them the team to 20 million neurons and more than 25 of the fly's brain wiring diagram where the connection is located published. All neurons and neural connections in the brain, which is a diagram showing the “connector” on the fly “Hemi brain called” in the size of 250 micrometers corresponds to a field. This field is extracted from the diagram, corresponds to the third part of the fly brain, and memory, navigation, learning within critical regions such as contains.
Rubin, such as the essential resource for researchers that will become the physical template of the brain neuroscientists believe. Of course, this process in the human brain, even though it is the smallest of the human brain to perform much more important to be followed until this point, pretty much requires time and money.
Therefore, one neuron in the human brain with a million of flies with vinegar is becoming a very suitable candidate for this process. Furthermore, in Drosophila, the adult animal brain carries the distinction of being extracted from the schema so detailed second. If the first, the thread was installed in 1986.
fruit fly
Despite the negative approach brings to the work of their colleagues, undaunted Rubin, believed that technology will have moved on. The team first focused on the development of methods to obtain data by using electronic microscopy. Brain researchers to develop new computational techniques has had in the minds of the map for extraction.
In the process of mapping the brain into slices 20 nanometer carve them for months and then there were such things as a display in a pristine setting. He could blow all the small errors that occur during imaging connectome from the top down.
However, the real challenging part is the interpretation of the survival of these images were for. So, the partitioning problem. Jamelia who is the manager of an old laboratory viremia Jain, was working on this problem on Google. Jain, “flood-canon network” was using a technique called machine learning.
Images of neurons filled by this machine learning algorithm in order to train the people needed. Also people had to do this validation. After filling visuals computer, looking at the results, the researchers had hoped the result was not achieved. The computers failed to handle this.
However, this data completed and published. Now the brain will be able to use this data to researchers who want to conduct research on different. This was one of the companies who work on Google. The search giant, in partnership with researchers at the Max Planck Institute for went to work and analyzed the brains of songbirds to learn the song in a dedicated section.
Also different studies about brain mapping are being conducted. Clay Reid is also one of the names. A millimeter cube of mouse brain data sets acquired by a much larger number who work on Reid is expected to be released this year.
After that, the real worry who would take this research further. Mapping the brains of larger creatures who flies would do.