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Nowadays many people are using a variety of tools for making money on the internet. At the top of the means of earning money from the Internet, of course, comes from Google AdSense. With visitors with high quality content with Google AdSense able to earn thousands of pounds a month from the website. In some cases, how your website with quality content, regardless of the number of visitors to your website no matter how high AdSense earnings may be too low. Here the most frequently asked question is “why AdSense earnings are low?” will be. Title a lot for the answer to this question should be examined separately.These are;
•The website on which you dealing with?
•Which adsense ad size should I choose?
•Ad placement is what?
•In which countries can I get more advertising money?
Now let us examine step by step what needs to be done to increase your AdSense earnings.
1 - CPC (cost per click) Turn to the high position
Actually, to achieve high gain with AdSense, the CPC should be the concept of what we need to focus on first. CPC, clicks on an AdSense ad or this of website visitors, AdSense refers to the money to be paid to the publisher. In this case, if you have a website that contains your AdSense earnings with high CPC keywords or topics will be too high.
While some websites are difficult to 0.10 cents per click for AdSense ads, some sites can gain 2-3 pounds per click. Even the number of clicks may vary according to your money earned on the same website.
If you examine the above report in your AdSense CPC earnings, we can easily see the effect on the value of the website.
Here 10-13-15 6 September 2018 in the history of clicks, although the gains have been very different from each other. 10 September (CPC=0,18 penny) by 15 September (CPC=0,66 cents) have been ticking the same despite between earning 4 times more.
On September 11 in another table 10 clicks (CPC=0,30 cents), although it was 6 on September 15th Click (CPC=0,66 cents) less than earned.
Which of course we can't see the AdSense ad has been clicked the information from the reports. But a detailed search on the internet with topics that are more towards earning high CPC value the first step will be.
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2-the selection of the correct ad size should be done
Another important point would be to select the correct ad size adsense. If you got the pricing you custom ad to your website, of course, based on the size ad you make. Google is demanding more fees from the advertiser for the ad larger in the same manner. If you show ads on your website will increase your chances of obtaining more revenue large in size.
Adsense on this topic “the most successful AdSense ad sizes” in the article published with the title, skip a line and left users in a few words he was forced to return to the beginning of the row on the narrow unlike the wide ads, ad sizes, allow you to more comfortably read the text asserts that users at a glance. Large ad sizes on your pages when placed into the correct fields, it has been stated that it can significantly increase your earnings.
Ad sizes as Google also received the best results in the published article;
•336×280 large rectangle
•300×250 medium rectangle
•728×90 leaderboard,
•300×600 half page
•mobile devices-320×100 mobile banner refers to as the largest.
Click on the article to get to Google!
3 - ad placement...
In order to increase AdSense earnings you need to worry about another thing should be the ad placement. By examining it with the eye of a visitor to your website identify the areas you addressed your attention the most, and you must place your AdSense ads in the appropriate size. In this way, by clicking on the more ads, the more AdSense earnings you can get.
Click here for an article in Google on ad placement!
Detailed information on the subject are given in the article on Google ad placement. News sites, blogs and travel sites for example ad placement for a variety of information was shared.
Following a blog site for example, it is stated as well as the placement of advertising that can be done.
4 - language website should I prepare?
Your website is an important factor that affects your AdSense earnings directly from the language of the article. The country that gave very valuable ad Click CPC varies.
In the beginning, that is to say in Turkish broadcasting is becoming less of websites. For this reason, people will open the new website in English or German to open the site with content the reviews will be good. Especially English because English is a language that has been accepted all over the world with the potential of more visitors from countries around the world broadcast the content sites that will be will be greater than the gains.
Another factor are the values in the exchange rate between the currencies of countries. For example, in Turkey, US $ 0.20, with $ 0,20 suppose that you are given advertising in America. English broadcasting from America and this site may attract a visitor if the visitor clicks on the ad you will have won $ 0,20. 0.20* 5,75 (dollar)=1,15 TL will be gained. Tiklansa ad was from Turkey, the money you earn only US $ 0.20 would be.
An actual website according to the countries of the following table, shows the values of CPC. Clicked an ad here in Sweden 1,13 TL is refined, and the figure for Switzerland 0,97, 0,61 for Germany, for England and 0.47 for Turkey, US $ 0.20, respectively. (These values are standard and not a precise value. The ad may vary according to the notation.)
English is a global language which is English kazandirdigi more websites with content from this table.
5 - What is the effect on the SEO of the website settings in AdSense earnings?
Search engine optimization referred to as Seo In short. So, you need some techniques to get higher rankings in Google search that contains your content. Google organic search is very valuable that you've found their access to a visitor to reach your site organically in Google searches would be of great importance in terms of Google for your ranking.
In order to be in the front row of Google searches your content unique (not a copy), must be of sufficient quality to attract the attention of the visitor. Spends time on Article page your visitors that you are preparing, your content will start to climb to a higher rank in Google search with time. This will increase your number of visitors, your AdSense earnings will start to increase in time.
As a result for the work you do, how attentive you are and if you can produce quality content Google if the front of your Labor will be higher.
In this article, Google AdSense for website owners tried to analyze what needs to be done to make more money with 5 titles. You share with us your experiences in the comments section on the subject and you can contribute.