Tesla's Autopilot Are Being Asked To Go To Change Due To Security Concerns In


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Tesla auto pilot saved his life many times, even though we can at some point be confronted with mistakes. This did not provide adequate security of Tesla's autopilot and politicians to be subjected to criticism about changes to requested.
California-based automotive company, Tesla electric car industry is one of the foremost names in the field of artificial intelligence. The company is constantly developing and Autopilot mode also adds new features in its cars. Before many sudden maneuver and with the brakes and the driver saving the life of many to be part of a disaster that prevents Tesla auto pilot, who at times can be insufficient.
Tesla Model 3 a model car about 1 month ago, the auto pilot, got in the way, a traffic cone, it was a very comfortable way, and was back in a very gentle way to the Strip. Only a week later, a Tesla Model 3, was hit by two cars parked in Autopilot mode. Of course, such accidents are the driver's fault, though fails to make enough of the system that makes people suspicious about the safety of your autopilot.
Tesla Autopilot is meant to be modified
Tesla's autopilot of this kind of accidents, has brought security concerns and because of this, Tesla has caused many politicians to go on. Ed Markey is a senator named Tesla's autopilot made some suggestions for small changes to be shared. Tesla's Autopilot was in the direction of changing the name of one of them.
The name of the driver of the Tesla's Assistant directly to the Autopilot system and the drivers it should be in the form of trust takes much more than this causes. The senator also proposes that drivers be warned about this and the renaming of this system. In addition, one of the senator's proposal for a surveillance system to be placed on the steering wheel.
This surveillance system will test the driver whether he touched the steering wheel, and in this way will be cut down to do with the way drive. Currently Tesla's auto pilot for a long time gives you a warning if your driver's hand from the steering wheel, and a timely response to this warning is given if the driver is using the car, not necessarily the rest of the trip.
Vehicles Appeared To Be Added To The Enhancements With The New Update From Tesla
A Twitter user, what did Tesla vehicles from new vehicles as a result of reverse engineering the update next to new hardware revealed. These enhancements are among the two new batteries also has found its place.
Nowadays reverse engineering method, which is the source of most of the information we have today has given rise to a few things. Tesla Model vehicles from a Twitter user who get a new update, new features, new hardware revealed, except for the tools in the future.
The only Twitter user named Green, the new update from Tesla vehicles studied to the last detail. The only Green found that you share on Twitter Tesla Model S and Model X. The new updates next to Qi wireless charging for the vehicles would meet, he said.
Few more will come with two new battery hardware:
Qi greentheonly only his share of the lead from the charger was mentioned. Tesla vehicles future enhancements to the user share, Tesla Model S and Model X-two new batteries of the future suggested in many different configurations. Only to note that Green does not know the capacity of the battery fell.
Except for pointing to the information shared between these two features greentheonly took place in a new seat with lumbar support. However, a new version appeared in the list of input type and charge greentheonly new suspension. The user said all these features would be published very soon.
Configuration and adjustments are constantly new models brought their own hired Tesla for the last time. But in 2016 the Tesla Model S from the last major change had come. Therefore, this model recently we can see a few changes coming.
Tesla's first WeChat new update, along with support for users in China is released. Update, the upgrade also brought a three-game mahjong fight landlord's named happy and a happy Tesla vehicles. However, a separate application for weather and quality than was planned.
Tesla recently in the U.S. stock market of $ 100 billion managed to become the first carmaker to reach a value. Tesla's shares from the last 1 month he signed a big increase in reaching the level of $ 420 by $ 800. Electric car leader at automotive giant Volkswagen was able to leave behind.