What is PWA? WordPress PWA installation and settings


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What is PWA today in this series, which we will call the future seers series, How To Install WordPress PWA? We'll cover the topics.
What is PWA?
It is known as the name of the application that allows sites that differ in your personal blogs, news sites or in any industry to appear in mobile phones
without any errors in mobile application style. The biggest feature is zero cost.
We always call user experience our priority for SEO. With Progressive Web App, we can take the user experience to the top segment.
Why should PWA be preferred?
1st.Responsive compatibility: coded to be compatible with almost all devices.
2nd ed.Progressive details: does not require any browser.
3.Quick and synchronized details: it can be opened up to the lower limits of Normal internet speed. It is edible with low internet speed in the background.
4.Security: PWA will never be active unless there is HTTPS.
Update: continuously updated by Service workers. (Service Workers) is Javascript code that runs in the background.
What is the easiest PWA plugin for WordPress?
Plugin name: SuperPWA
Plugin link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/super-progressive-web-apps/
After the installation of the proposed add-on let's do the operations together.
Application Name: you can Type Application Name – Site title.
Application Short Name-the short name of the application. It will consist of a maximum of 12 characters.
Description-description of the application (you can write your site description)
Application Icon-application icon (you can install your logo) you need to install it in PNG in 192×192 size.
Splash Screen Icon-you can install the smallest version of your logo. You can load it in PNG in 512×512 size.
Background Color-you can select colors that are relevant to the background of the application.
Theme Color-the color settings of the application theme.
Start Page-you can choose which Page the application starts from. (My advice would be “home”).
Offline Page-you can make an offline screen (last typed text).
Orientation-update as Portrait.
Display-update as Standalone.
We've created all our settings in the classic way. We now have PWA on our site. To do the PWA test; you can use Google Lighthouse.
Google Lighthouse link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lighthouse/blipmdconlkpinefehnmjammfjpmpbjk?hl=tr
A site that is available at PWA;
Non-PWA installation site;
Is PWA important? Is it supported by every device?
PWA is currently used by limited sites in our country. It has disadvantages because it is a new generation of technology.
Example: limited use in iOS version. the “Safari” browser is mandatory for PWA use on iOS devices. PWA will be more important in later times. For this
reason, you can experiment with installation in the first place.